Brave New World with Azmi Shahrom – EP. 6. Yelling for Yellow

Azmi Sharom gives a laundry list for a cleanup on the electoral process and his pet peeves over the government’s scrub-down on Bersih 5.


Ever since the beginning of the Bersih Movement, I believe the majority of the demonstrators are hopeful that some kind of understanding must be put into the minds of the people in power – That True Democracy needs to be upheld in order for the nation to be able to progress. If Government wants to have a semblance of conscience left, they must engage & ‘be seen’ to respond to the demands of the Rakyat. A monopoly of power for more than 6 decades can no longer be seen as a good enough excuse to not correct a system that is biased & wrong.

– Dewa Tularr